Welcome to Aut-Ish. A blog documenting my experiences as an autistic person. I will also cover: autistic news, media, my experiences, and tips for those who are either autistic or for autistic parents/carers out there!

Why is this blog called aut-ish? I am aware this title may give of many connotations. However, It’s simply just merging two words together. Autism and my nationality, which is Scottish.

I have been officially diagnosed in 2015 so I’ve spent the majority of my life being unsure of my difficulties. I’ve only recently found the world of various autistic communities and have befriended various autistic peeps! I have seen both sides of the communities. Both the awesome advantages, and the scary and infuriating side. I will occasionally delve into the controversial side of the autism world, but I mostly want this blog to be positive and to get away from most of the negative bs we see everyday on the web!

As always, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m known as “Onikage” online so feel free to call me that, or Oni for short! I prefer using my alias online. It makes it more consistent for my other media. I like creative things. Numbers scare me. I also like to wear colourful clothes (other days, baggy or black). I play video games as well and swear like a mofo. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it informative. I also hope it’s a useful gateway to find other communities out there!

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Ramblings – “But you can do”this”. Are you really Autistic?!”

“but you can do” this”. Are you really disabled/autistic/mentally ill/other!?”

Neurodivergent people have to endure these comments. It’s the same as some Neurotypicals too, when it comes to a specfic disability or mental illness. I however will be writing this in an autistic point of view.

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Aut-Ish Podcast: Episode 5 – Support

Aut-ish Podcast Episode 5 – Support

Audio Disclaimer – As the podcast recording was in person (instead of a voice chat) and with a different microphone set up. Expect some echoing and some background noise that I managed to at least tone down.

Episode 5 is live and kicking!

Click “Continue Reading” to access transcript provided.

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My Special Interests: Tea

I have various special interests to share to you! I’ve previous mentioned or written posts about a few before. One example being Video Games.

I used to be a coffee/caffeine addict (and god forbid, Energy drinks). Coffee was the way to go. The taste, the smell, the caffeine rush! Tea was an occasional drink that was just there, expected from British Culture. The first time I tried to experiment with different tea’s was when I used to drink green tea in my teens. I was into Japanese Culture back then. Infusions were nothing but cheap hot juice. I didn’t start to experiment till I was in my twenties. Continue reading “My Special Interests: Tea”

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