Aut-Ish – What You See Isn’t What You Get

Eye Contact.

This one can be relatable to many, many autistic peeps, including myself. We are aware that a lot of autistic’s can be terrible at eye contact. Quite a few of us can be very deceiving. It looks like we are looking at you, but it’s not at the eyes! I’ve been told a few times I have very good eye contact. That is a lie.

Some of us look at noses, others look at eyebrows. I however, Look at foreheads. It’s the most least obvious way of showing you have less eye contact, plus the person who’s talking to you thinks you are listening to them. It can be seen as a win/win.

However, there are those accidental times where you look at someones eyes and it’s like someones just stared into your soul. It’s awkward and breaks your defensive strategies. You tend to revert into looking down and exposing yourself that your eye contact is pretty crap. I think this would be good if you want to prove to people that you are not perfect and you don’t need to mask all the time. It does make you vulnerable and it’s best to show to those who you are close to.

What do you do to avoid the glaring eyes?



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