My Thoughts On Male Brain Theory

The Male Brain Theory has recently been “confirmed”, and it has opened up new answers for the public. This theory has been lurking around for years and has only now received new information recently.

However, for someone who is autistic and know various autistic individuals and communities, I’d thought I’d express my opinion on this topic. Theories are still theories so I am allowed to express my opinion. Let’s get ready for some discourse!

This theory by Simon Baron-Cohen, has been lurking around for a while and it’s controversial. It also targets that specific traits in autism like Systemising and Empathising. Male and Females have similar results for systemising, but according to Cohen, Women have higher results on Empathy.

A questionnaire was used to gather the data and the results show that women are apparently more empathetic. How is this new info? There is a gap with women and men according to the charts, but that’s just charts! I feel that it’s not the most effective way to gain results. Are we just looking at “high-functioning” autistics (I’m not a fan of this label but I’m using this as an example on how limited this research is on looking into all of the spectrum).

Here are my thoughts overall about “Male Brain Theory” in Autism.

This theory doesn’t help matters when it comes to women in the spectrum. Yes, some males have a specific way of thinking, but it’s a spectrum. Not everyone is the same. Women can even have similar symptoms to men and some men can feel more empathetic than other women. It’s a spectrum and it’s more than just gender. Biology works differently for everyone, and just because one gender has it more than the other, doesn’t mean it’s exclusively a “male” thing or a “female” thing. What about people who are trans? what about intersex people? what about autistic’s who need more care in their lives? I feel that this theory is very limited.

This theory will possibly encourage the mainstream public to focus more on autistic males, as some still believe autism is “only for boys”. Autism isn’t “male brain exclusive” and I feel that the biggest problem with this research relies on focusing on the ideal “stereotypes” in order to get answers. We need to think out of the box instead of using the outdated foundations which include “ideal male autistic perspective”.

What do you guys think of this?




7 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Male Brain Theory

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  1. I doubt very much that it’s been confirmed, just as you apparently do. Where is this information coming from? How big was the study? Has it been independently researched and confirmed?


      1. Thanks for the link. I did see the one for Baron-Cohen, but I’d consider that the least informative. Not that there’s likely to be any bias there, right?


  2. Oops. Even the Independent article probably won’t be much more informative or unbiased, since it’s by B-C. Don’t have time to read it right now, but hopefully there are some further links.

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