Recovery Day – Self Care

We all have those days. Work becoming chaotic so you have to use your survival methods (ie – masking), A huge event like a gig that requires all of your energy to enjoy, and to endure (for example – sensory issues such as lights or crowds), or even just feeling the effects of a bad day.

Whatever the scenario, we all tend to feel like death the next day. Our brains are mush, sensory issues have increased or you might be clumsier than usual.

Here are some of my methods to recover the next day…

(I also recommend these for days off in general so we can be our fullest selves!).

  • Remove unnecessary clutter.

This means to do lists, excessive notifications on your phone, emails…

Don’t be as rigid with your day plan, make a more “chilled out” structure. I still like structure but it needs to be more relaxed (and to add back up plans if anything fails).

  • Keep Busy

Being productive on something that’s not work can be soothing in itself. A hobby that you work on during your free time might work. Video games tends to help me for when I want a distraction that doesn’t require effort.

  • Treat yourself.

How about Pizza and Netflix? or for me, just the pizza and binge watch a show I’ve seen about a hundred times. Either way, it works for me. Maybe a bath or a face mask would be good, as you feel nice and shiny afterwards. Tea and cake is a good treat now and then!

  • Sleep.

‘Nuff said. Sometimes, we just need to switch on the z’s for a little longer.

  • Company

If you feel like hanging around with people helps your recovery process, I say go for it. Wherever it’s a partner, carer, or venting to friends online. Sometimes, sharing the company with someone just makes things seem less overwhelming and less lonely.

These are a few examples for my ideal self care recovery day. What are your methods for recovery day?


2 thoughts on “Recovery Day – Self Care

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  1. I like to do something like knitting or embroidery. Small repetitive movements and lovely end product. Since a dear friend introduced me to tea in all its many forms, I try to keep an unopened new variety. It’s part of my self care and recovery to take the time to warn the pot, boil fresh water especially……

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  2. When the weather is good, and I’m up to the task, I like to go exploring. Which is basically a lazy hike in a nature setting with the intention of finding vestiges of history but that also includes things like being mesmerized by the dance of sunlight filter through the canopy, touching the different trees and plants and rocks and dirt, and following birds or wild animals or insects just to see where they’re going. It’s not a very mature practice but it is really soothing.

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