Autistic Advocates/Personalities other than Grandin

My previous post mentioned how Temple Grandin isn’t a all size fits all for autistic people. This is a follow up post exploring various autistic personalities and advocates that I find useful or deserve more attention.

For those who don’t know where to start for autistic advocates, I hope this post is a good jump start.

Agony Autie

Sara is pretty known in the UK for promoting more autistic acceptance, and also documenting the problematic areas of discrimination that autistics still have to deal with. Autistics still get discrimination in hospitals and even transport. Sara has the tough job of being autistic and having other disabilities such as mobility issues.

Sara’s aesthetic is quirky and colourful. Her encouragement of stimming is fantastic. “Stim dancing” was a new concept to me that I didn’t realise was a thing. I do it myself privately. Her videos are informative and she’s not afraid to show the darker side of living as an autistic on her social media. Her words have reached out and hopefully, make more of a difference to the world.

Neurodivergent Rebel

Christa Holmans promotes her autistic experiences and brings a more light-hearted feeling reflected upon her personality. She, like Sara is also autistic. Holmans documents advice, her experiences and stories. One video series for example “You can’t be autistic if” explores various autistic traits that neurotypical people have overlooked or don’t believe. I think this content is great as it’s a step in the right direction of giving stereotypes less attention. She also has a side channel with her partner all about their RV adventures! 

Carly Fleischmann

Non-Verbal and brimming with personality. Carly is an autistic personality that we all need to see. She’s not afraid to be herself and also not afraid to use assisted support. Her interview with Channing Tatum is pretty awesome. Parents, take notes. Your non verbal child may have someone to aspire to.

Cynthia Kim

Kim’s book “Nerdy, Shy and Socially Inappropriate” was a fantastic tool for my autistic journey. They are my “Temple Grandin” in terms of autism inspiration. There are also other books out there specifically for autistic children too.Kim is the founder of Stimtastic.

Jeanette Purkis

An autistic author, blogger, speaker and advocate. Jeanette is a positive person who isn’t afraid to present their flaws. Jeanette definitely is one of those stories where you “hit rock bottom but climb back up the ladder”. An inspiration in itself for autistic’s who are currently struggling! They recently come out as Non-Binary.

Autistic Hoya

Lydia. X.Z Brown documents more on the discourse behind autism, neurodiversity and disability rights. Originally an autism blog, Brown wants to target the issues behind what’s currently going on with autism/disability rights, and what is needed to sort them out. Brown isn’t afraid to be more blunt on the issues, and I find that refreshing. If you want a more serious read on current issues, here’s a good place to go to.

Autistic Not Weird

Chris Bonnello, to me is the definition of what a perfect autistic community should be. His stories are relatable and inspiring. He also helped me out with my Autistic Way’s of Gender with finding volunteers. His work that provides inspiration to both autistic adults and children alike. Anyone who want’s to look into autism, I recommend looking into Autistic Not Weird. I think his content caters to everyone!

Growing up Aspie – A Comic by Nathan McConnell

Nathan’s comics provide experiences that autistics can relate to. It’s great for neurotypicals who don’t understand what goes on in an autistic mind. Each comic are simple to follow yet powerful. Autism and the media both go hand in hand together, and if you like some visual imagery instead of just text, here’s a place to visit!

Seeking Sara

Sara’s blog is a journal to keep track of their thoughts. As their autism journey has only been recent. It’s good to see someone who is a fresh face to the community and documents each discovery. Like the rest on this list, They write plenty of informative details on autism and also their own experiences and symptoms. You may have noticed Sara on my Autistic ways of Gender documentary. They were a great person to chat to!

There are more that I could list, but that would take too long! Hopefully this list of autistic people may generate more curiosity.

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  1. I’d like to also throw my hat in the ring for an up-and-coming autism advocate and soon-to-be Toastmasters Accredited Speaker and Certified Human Potential Coach that offers a fresh, new perspective to helping people with autism come to life!

    Please visit for more information. Thank you!


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