Unashamed Voices of Autism – Interview

Me and Allison from Unashamed Voices of Autism have collaborated by interviewed each other about our respective projects. Here’s the link to my interview. This blog post will be me interviewing her. I recommend following her project!

  • Introduce yourself!

My name is Allison & I am Autistic.
I created this blog where I get to interview autistic adults & teenagers.
Society acts like adolescents & adults on the spectrum don’t exist, that we just grow out of it or something, and for us adolescents/adults we usually feel really lonely like others our age don’t exist. Research claims that 1 out of every 59 people are autistic but where are the adults/teenagers? So I interview people from all over the world, so we can share our stories to learn from one another as well as feel less alone. I have interviewed over 80 people so far & I plan to have that continue to grow.

  • What made you start your project?

My friends showed me this book called humans of New York. Where everyday people have there photo taken in New York & it shares a bit of there story. My friends came up with the idea actually to do this whole project to do something similar of the New York project but with people with autism. I just ran with the idea, and took actions towards creating this idea a reality. My friends are set up in my blog as admins, and I run the big executive decisions when it comes to formatting by them & sometimes they will send articles to add to the blog. While everything else I do by myself-interviewing, advertising, emailing, making connections & 85% of other content on our blog.

The benefits that have came out of my project thus far is I have learned a lot about myself from others & I have had others leave comments saying they or they know someone shared some similar experiences/quirks. For instance I myself enjoy & feel most comfortable wearing dark black & gray clothes but I love to accessorize myself with bright colors, or that I have a hard time knowing the volume of my own voice sometimes which are both highly common quirks among us autistics. I originally thought I was just an odd human being, but knowing a lot of other autistic people share these traits make me feel less alone. I also believe this project gives a lot of us individuals to have a voice, something that’s very unheard of from caregivers as well as professionals speaking for us. The more us autistics talk about our lives, the more society can learn from us as we also learn from one another.

  • What stories are my favorite stories or ones that stand out?

Honestly, I love every story. Why? Because that story is a person’s life, a person putting themselves in a vulnerable place with a spotlight on them saying “This is me, this what I see, hear, touch. These are the mountains I have climbed, the mountains that I am climbing & the mountains that I want to climb.” Not every story is a success story, some stories are full of struggles or in mid-battle of struggles, or they are lost trying to find there way. Every participant who has ever participated is a warrior in their own rights & they show strength by showcasing their journey in a blog entry.

  • What should be promoted more to the public when it comes to autistic rights?

More accommodations & services for adults & teenagers on the spectrum. A lot of services end at 18 years old, as if they are 18 & they need to have the whole world figured out by now. That’s not only crazy considering most neurotypicals are still lost at that age, but also for the ones who have received late diagnoses. I have chatted with people from ages 16-74, some who are waiting on a diagnosis, newly diagnosed within weeks or within a few years ago. It’s actually uncommon for me to find people who were diagnosed as a child to interview.

  • How did you find Aut-ish?

I found this blog going through other blogs that I admire such as Agony Autie & Neurodivergent Rebel share articles by Aut-ish. Aut-ish is now one of my top favorite autism blogs.

Allison’s work is a great source to find various autistics sharing their stories. I highly recommend looking at her page!


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