Talking to Yourself

Talking to yourself can be stereotypically seen as crazy. Society thinks your unhinged, you have problems. You’re a weirdo…

I could go on all day with the insults. I’ve heard them all… It’s not fun.

I talk to myself. All the time.

However there are differences between hysteria and when talking to yourself helps your wellbeing.

Bear in mind that I am not an expert and I am basing most of these examples on my experiences.

Talking to yourself, to me has helped me through my childhood. If I wasn’t around with friends or family. I was a loner. However, I enjoyed my own company. It was a great time to get to know myself more. I see it as some sort of self care. Most of the time, it’s me saying my own thoughts out loud. Sometimes to vent, sometimes to just get that clogged up internal chatter out of the brain. I am my own narrator in a way.

I be myself when I’m on my own, as you do. Wherever its singing, your thought chatter or even just talking about your enviroment/perspective.

Other times, I have to mumble or mouth words to myself with my hand covered in a public place. I can’t just say it in my head. It becomes overloaded. Spoken words makes it more effective in leaving the body. The brain just stores thinking words when it shouldn’t. It may make me look rude sometimes but the only time I prevent myself doing this is when I’m angry, because that benefits no one. If I’m angry, I’ll vent in another room. Most of the time I speak quietly or whisper or mouth the words cause I don’t want people to hear my thoughts. Bathrooms are usually my safe space.

Talking to yourself does have its places of not belonging. Like everything else, you need to use common sense. If you have a tic or you involuntary speak, we should make exceptions for you guys. Silence isn’t always key.

I’ve been told that talking to myself can be seen as annoying to other people. These other people have not told me directly. Only one person has and even then, its just because they think it’s annoying. Like stimming, “looking annoying” needs to be stopped according to society. This is problematic.

I’ve tried talking to myself before. For multiple reasons.

  • People telling me to stop.
  • The disadvantages. Example being I am mumbling negative things in front of people.
  • To gain more awareness.
  • Fear of being a narcissist.
  • Because I’ve been called annoying or childish and treated as such because of it.
  • As a Challenge.

I’ve tried multiple times. And like a smokers habit, It keeps coming back. I thought it was weakness at first, but I have then realised the advantages as I got older. If you don’t talk to yourself, writing notes is good alternative.

Writing notes is a great way to vent. It’s like talking to yourself but you have a record of what you’ve said. I’m terrible keeping notes in one place. One place is a notebook, the rest is on my phone via various apps.

However, notes don’t get me self validation, self pep talks or a self scolding (not putting myself down, but realising my mistakes or when I am being an arse). Words hit more and are instant. Written words are great for records and ranting and I do use it when I know the enviroment I’m in makes me feel unsafe if I’m talking to myself. Plus, my left hand hurts when I write too much, and trust me. I write alot of notes. I write so much that I have to stop and I lose my train of thought. It’s frustrating.

Talking to myself is a big part of me and I will not stop. I have learned more control when and when not to and it’s good to be aware of it. It may be a habit to most, but it’s more to me. It helps me get through life.

I’d probably have a meltdown if I didn’t stop myself by telling my thoughts when they are irrational.

I am aware when I talk to myself most of the time. I do occasionally realise I do it subconsciously without thinking and I need to watch what I’m saying, but at least now I can catch myself doing it. Sometimes I forget what I’ve just said. Gotta love the brain sometimes.


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