We are Non Binary

TW – Contains discussions about transphobia. Sources provided below.

Auto captions only for now. Apologies!

It’s finally here! This documentary style video was a long time coming! We are Non Binary discusses all about non binary people and documents each persons experiences. It also has a straight forward section all about what Non binary is, and how non binary and trans people endure society’s rigid norms, even in the LGBT+ community. This project is intended to show and inform others that Non binary people exist and to empower non binary folk too.

PS: “Mx” (pronounced mix) is a gender neutral title slowly gaining recognition. I changed my title to “Mx” last year, I forgot to mention this on the video. Apologies!

Guests in order of appearance

Vicky (They/It)

Ben Pechey (They/Them)

Lyric (Neurodivergent Rebel) (They/Them)

Zoe Stoller (She/They)

Vynn (They/Them)

Lytton (They/Them)

Yenn Purkis (They/Them/Their)

Pippa (They/Them)

Matisse DuPont (They/Them)

Black Bear Extraordinaire (They/Them)


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If you want to look into non binary resources or want support. Here are a few links provided below.

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