I’ve seen articles like this recently, and I thought I’d mention my thoughts.
Autism isn’t over-diagnosed and not everyone can get it. It’s only getting noticed now as information has been updated over the years. Women are getting more diagnoses now, whereas before, they would get misdiagnosed as bipolar (One of my podcast guests had this issue).

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Neurodiversity, Spectrum Talk and The Issues of “Inspiration Porn”

I previously had written a blog post on Neurodiversity. Feel free to look into that!

I’ve decided to talk more about my thoughts, as well as spectrum talk and issues with “inspiration porn”. I genuinely feel that these topics need to be addressed. Continue reading “Neurodiversity, Spectrum Talk and The Issues of “Inspiration Porn””

What is Autism?

Here’s a hopefully simple description all about autism! I decided to make a video that’s straight to the point, and interesting to look at (and hopefully easy to read). Enjoy!

Here’s the transcript below if you struggle to read the text. (The video is only text and music, no speech. CC would only obscure the video so I decided to write a transcript instead!) Continue reading “What is Autism?”

Aut-Ish Podcast: Episode 5 – Support

Aut-ish Podcast Episode 5 – Support

Audio Disclaimer – As the podcast recording was in person (instead of a voice chat) and with a different microphone set up. Expect some echoing and some background noise that I managed to at least tone down.

Episode 5 is live and kicking!

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