The Elements of ABA

CW – mentions of ABA and stories that display elements of ABA, in a non ABA setting.

I didn’t get ABA as a child.

I did however, get speech therapy long with other therapies but they didn’t last. What I got instead was an upbringing that parallels with elements of ABA. Continue reading “The Elements of ABA”

Stim Dance (#Stopdropstim)

Stim Dance Video is finally out! Check it out below!

Stim Dancing is a varied experience for Neurodivergent people. I want to raise awareness and to celebrate that stim dancing should be appreciated, not shamed. Especially when it helps many neurodivergent people. Stim dancing to me creates a sense of a rush, and allows me to be an other self, forgetting the world around me. Stim Dancing isn’t a mindless trend. It can create a community where we all can feel free.

Anyone can stim dance. No matter what gender, race or disability you are.

This video displays mostly women and Non-Binary people with varying disabilities. All Neurodivergent.

Continue reading “Stim Dance (#Stopdropstim)”


I will look into the problems with Autistic stereotypes, while explore other disabilities, sexualities and gender identities. I’ve created a brief rundown on Youtube. I also wanted to write an expanded version so I wouldn’t miss out as much information!

Disclaimer – I am a white, cisgender, autistic woman. Some of these are facts, while others are my opinions. I am aware that I am more privileged compared to other people.

Continue reading “Stereotypes”

Grow Up!

We get told to grow up, then the very same people “don’t grow up” later on, making us feel like garbage. This example reminds me of the whole geek culture. I got called a geek for years (as an insult), and all of a sudden, all of the mean people enjoy it now. Geek is no longer an insult. It makes me feel bitter. Geek culture is a trend for them, but not for me. Trends die. Continue reading “Grow Up!”

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