Community – Online Groups and Support Centres

April is considered a tough month for autistic people. We’re all constantly exposed by advertising from empty corporate charities/companies, or exposed to so much misinformation. All overusing the word awareness that it has lost all meaning. I’ve decided to write something more positive, as I’ve seen enough negativity. Continue reading “Community – Online Groups and Support Centres”


My thoughts on “Feminism”

CW – One case of profanity and Doctor Who plot points that could be considered spoilers if new to the series.

Yes, it’s the dirty F word. Feminism has always been, for women’s rights. To stop the issues that they go through everyday. Wherever it’s for votes, or even changing misogynistic laws. Women have a right to speak up. We are considered to be in a better place today, but the same glaring issues still stand today. It’s still a male-dominated society.

Continue reading “My thoughts on “Feminism””

Autistic Representation in The Media – Symmetra (Overwatch)

While hinted in the series and debated by fans, The Blizzard game director officially confirmed to a fan that Symmetra, is indeed, autistic.

Overwatch hasn’t been afraid of representation. Exploring diverse characters from it’s video game series. From the games and even to some of the comics, we have seen examples of LGBTQIA, neurodiverse, gender, racially diverse and even various examples of body modification with these characters. All of the characters have different tropes so they are all unique. I will be looking into detail with Symmetra. Continue reading “Autistic Representation in The Media – Symmetra (Overwatch)”

Video Games.


CW – Contains one strong profanity, used as an example.

For many autistics, video games can be a form of escapism.

Video games are usually seen as a boys thing, even for autistics. Games like Minecraft are usually associated with autistics. Thankfully, games like Minecraft can be useful for children in the spectrum. I will explain video game advantages and disadvantages. I will also explain my personal experience with video games and how “gendering” video games is problematic. Continue reading “Video Games.”

Talking to Yourself

Talking to yourself can be stereotypically seen as crazy. Society thinks your unhinged, you have problems. You’re a weirdo…

I could go on all day with the insults. I’ve heard them all… It’s not fun.

I talk to myself. All the time.

However there are differences between hysteria and when talking to yourself helps your wellbeing.

Bear in mind that I am not an expert and I am basing most of these examples on my experiences.

Continue reading “Talking to Yourself”

The Problem with Temple Grandin

Trigger Warning – May contain upsetting content, controversial discourse, and mentioning a controversial charity (not by name) and their enabling methods .

When I first did autistic research not long after my diagnosis, I stumbled upon an autistic icon. Temple Grandin. I have previously read a few of bits and pieces of her works here and there, but one book stands out to me, which is Thinking in Pictures.

Continue reading “The Problem with Temple Grandin”

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