Talking is hard sometimes…

Words are hard.

I wonder if Neurotypicals take talking for granted? We are aware that various Neurodivergent people have difficulties talking. Some more noticeable than others.

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Talking to Yourself

Talking to yourself can be stereotypically seen as crazy. Society thinks your unhinged, you have problems. You’re a weirdo…

I could go on all day with the insults. I’ve heard them all… It’s not fun.

I talk to myself. All the time.

However there are differences between hysteria and when talking to yourself helps your wellbeing.

Bear in mind that I am not an expert and I am basing most of these examples on my experiences.

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The Problem with Temple Grandin

Trigger Warning – May contain upsetting content, controversial discourse, and mentioning a controversial charity (not by name) and their enabling methods .

When I first did autistic research not long after my diagnosis, I stumbled upon an autistic icon. Temple Grandin. I have previously read a few of bits and pieces of her works here and there, but one book stands out to me, which is Thinking in Pictures.

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Autism Is A Spectrum, Not a Straight Line.

Autism, Asperger’s and “classic” autism have been merged into ASD quite a few years back. However, people are still exposed to outdated information. The internet makes it easier for it to find. This is worrying. Some people like the Asperger’s label as it describes them well, while others feel that one of these specific labels has to fit everyone.

This isn’t the case.  Continue reading “Autism Is A Spectrum, Not a Straight Line.”

Autistic Representation in The Media – Brick Heck (The Middle)

I used to watch this series a lot when it aired on Sky One. I thought it was funny and entertaining to watch. One character in particular is Brick Heck.

Now, Unlike The Good Doctor, Brick hasn’t got a specific diagnosis, instead he has traits. This is very common in TV shows, that way there is no specific labels. A recent article on Big Bang Theory about autistic labels mentions this topic. Continue reading “Autistic Representation in The Media – Brick Heck (The Middle)”

Personal Expression – Clothes

Autism hasn’t got a set look. The autistic appearance stereotype portrays them as “blank stares” “bad haircuts” and “weird” to put it kindly. It makes me sad to see this portrayed in the media time and time again.

Some autistic’s like to show their personality by wearing clothes and accessories. It makes them feel confident and not afraid to show themselves. Examples including bright colours or shiny things or loud patterns. Jeanette Purkis is one example. Here are some of her words below! Continue reading “Personal Expression – Clothes”

The Concept of Time

Some of us autistic’s love numbers. How they repeat like a pattern, how they add and subtract. I hate numbers. They scare and confuse me, so I don’t have the number loving mindset. I am also bad at maths.

Relating to numbers, is time. Time can mean various things to autistic’s. It can mean, routine, ritual, a pattern, a structure, progression. Time can also help plan future schedules and give an idea of distance between days. Continue reading “The Concept of Time”

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