Personal Expression – Clothes

Autism hasn’t got a set look. The autistic appearance stereotype portrays them as “blank stares” “bad haircuts” and “weird” to put it kindly. It makes me sad to see this portrayed in the media time and time again.

Some autistic’s like to show their personality by wearing clothes and accessories. It makes them feel confident and not afraid to show themselves. Examples including bright colours or shiny things or loud patterns. Jeanette Purkis is one example. Here are some of her words below! Continue reading “Personal Expression – Clothes”


The Concept of Time

Some of us autistic’s love numbers. How they repeat like a pattern, how they add and subtract. I hate numbers. They scare and confuse me, so I don’t have the number loving mindset. I am also bad at maths.

Relating to numbers, is time. Time can mean various things to autistic’s. It can mean, routine, ritual, a pattern, a structure, progression. Time can also help plan future schedules and give an idea of distance between days. Continue reading “The Concept of Time”

Music and Sound – Sensory Analysis

Who knew that tones and vibrations can create such an impact for the human population?

Music is considered a stim for many. For others, a comforter. Music can generate many emotions and can set the tone for various scenarios, wherever it’s for a movie or in real life.

I will be mainly discussing how music impacts my life and what sounds effect me in a daily basis. From stims to sensory issues, let’s delve into the land of sound.

Continue reading “Music and Sound – Sensory Analysis”

Recovery Day – Self Care

We all have those days. Work becoming chaotic so you have to use your survival methods (ie – masking), A huge event like a gig that requires all of your energy to enjoy, and to endure (for example – sensory issues such as lights or crowds), or even just feeling the effects of a bad day.

Whatever the scenario, we all tend to feel like death the next day. Our brains are mush, sensory issues have increased or you might be clumsier than usual.

Here are some of my methods to recover the next day…

Continue reading “Recovery Day – Self Care”

My Thoughts On Male Brain Theory

The Male Brain Theory has recently been “confirmed”, and it has opened up new answers for the public. This theory has been lurking around for years and has only now received new information recently.

However, for someone who is autistic and know various autistic individuals and communities, I’d thought I’d express my opinion on this topic. Theories are still theories so I am allowed to express my opinion. Let’s get ready for some discourse! Continue reading “My Thoughts On Male Brain Theory”

Accepting Your Late Diagnosis.

So you’ve been late diagnosed as autistic, and it has shaken your world. What do you do?

When I got diagnosed, I knew that I wasn’t “normal”, but I didn’t have the right answers. It was “Learning Difficulties” this and “Special Needs” that. Everything was vague to the point I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

A diagnosis, for me was an answer that I can work towards understanding myself a lot more.

I am fully aware that everyone’s experience is different, so I’m gonna explain mainly my thoughts and experiences on a late autistic diagnosis.

Continue reading “Accepting Your Late Diagnosis.”

Women In The Spectrum – My Thoughts

In 2016, I decided to do a personal art project titled Women In The Spectrum. I was not long diagnosed, and I didn’t have much in terms of support. I was seeing a psychologist, and she helped me to visit one autistic support location which was local.

I decided to look into woman in the Autistic Spectrum and how things were different compared to males in the spectrum. This project was the beginning of my autism research and the discovery of autism communities! Continue reading “Women In The Spectrum – My Thoughts”

Preventing Meltdowns – Coping Mechanisms

After experiencing a recent freak out, I’ve decided to write all about my coping mechanisms for everyday life. Some of these could be considered stims, but I feel that it’s good to prepare for the outside world in various situations. I am aware that everyone’s coping mechanisms can be different (and they can be anything!). I feel that posting my point of view might be useful for others. (Shout out to The Aspie World for this video which is another inspiration for this post)

Continue reading “Preventing Meltdowns – Coping Mechanisms”

It’s not a superpower – Anxiety

Autism is seen either as a superpower or a tragedy. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. I am happy with how my mind works, but there are some days where it can be a struggle. Struggle is good for life itself, but sometimes, the simplest things can be overwhelming when you’re an autistic person. Autistics can commonly get diagnosed with other conditions with some examples being depression, dyspraxia, or EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

Continue reading “It’s not a superpower – Anxiety”

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